Knock, Knock! (GAME)


10-15 minutes

This game is a bit of a “Knock, Knock” joke about Peter’s situation when he was released from prison by an angel.  Even though the believers had prayed for a miracle, they didn’t really believe one would happen and were surprised when he showed up at their prayer meeting.  Children will sit in a circle and try to say the right thing when it becomes their turn.  If they say the wrong thing or hesitate, they are out.



  • Acts 12:12-17



  • Bible



  • Select a space to play the game.
  • Practice the script.



Use the following script (or modify to suit your needs):

  • “Peter was once locked in prison by King Herod, but an angel came during the night and released him in a miraculous way.”
  • “All the Christian believers had been praying together for him, but they were totally surprised when he knocked at their door.”
  • “Let’s read about it.”  (Have volunteer read Acts 12:12-17.)
  • “That’s pretty funny, huh?”
  • “They were praying for a miracle, but they didn’t believe it when it happened!”
  • “Let’s play a game about this story.”
  • “Everyone sit in a circle.” (Have children arrange themselves in a circle.)
  • “I’m going to pick someone to start, and that person will say, ‘Knock, knock’ to the person on their right.”
  • “The second person will say, ‘Who’s there?’ and the first person will respond, ‘It’s Peter?’” (You might want to practice this much so that they don’t get confused.)
  • “Then, the second person will turn to the person on their right and say, ‘It’s Peter!’”
  • “The third person will then deny that it’s Peter to the person on their right.”
  • “For example, person #3 could turn to person #4 and say, ‘No it’s not!’”
  • “Then the forth person and everyone after them has to turn to the person on their right and deny that it’s Peter in a different way.”
  • “For example, person #4 could turn to person #5 and say, ‘That’s impossible!’”
  • “And person #5 might turn to person #6 and say, ‘Unbelievable!’”
  • “And person #6 might turn to person #7 and say, ‘You’re making that up!’” (You might want to practice this once so that they get the idea.)
  • “This continues all the way around until even ‘Peter’ (the first person) denies that it’s him!!!”
  • “This starts a new round, and person #2 (who said ‘Who’s there?’ in the first round) now becomes Peter and turns to the person on their right to say, ‘Knock, knock.’”
  • “This continues until someone hesitates, says the wrong thing or uses the same denial someone else used in the same round.  If they do, that person is out.”
  • “The game is over when there are only two people left.”
    • “Does anyone have any questions?”  (Answer questions, and then start the game. Play several rounds, starting with different people each time.  Then ask the Debrief Questions below.)


Debrief Questions

  1. Would you have believed it was Peter at the door?  Why or why not?
  2. Why was it so hard for the “believers” to believe in this situation?
  3. Have you ever prayed for something and been surprised when God gave you what you asked for?  What happened?

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