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This is the second book in the series about Bible characters.  It contains 22 object lessons, Bible lessons and challenges about the life of Joseph.

Click on the image to view the book in the Amazon store.  It is available in both print and Kindle versions.






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I’m working on a series of books about different characters in the Bible.  This is the first, and it’s about the life of Peter.

It includes 29 object lessons, dramas, games and Bible lessons for teaching about this important apostle.

Click on the image to view the book on  It’s available in both print and Kindle versions


I’ve published 50 of my favorite object lessons in a book called: Teach Them: 50 Fantastic Object Lessons for Children’s Ministry.  You can find the lessons here on this blog, but if you prefer the printed page, you can order the book at Amazon (coming soon) and at Lulu.

Here’s the link to Amazon (Kindle edition, but the hardcopy is there, too).  Click on the picture for the link:

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Here’s another book that I wrote for teens about why it’s important to wait to have sex until they are married.

My first book is strictly for teenagers and adults.  It’s a candid treatment of the need for sexual purity and how to do it.  Based on the book of Nehemiah in the Bible, it teaches you to “Build Your Walls and Guard Your Gates!”

You can find it on Amazon by clicking on this image:

Hope these are a blessing to you!


4 responses to “My Books

  1. Robert Kientz

    N ice website! Also congrats on the new book.

  2. marius

    Hi Michael, thank you so much for this book Build you walls. It has helped me to break my 25 year addiction to pornography & masturbation. I thank God for this book you wrote. Thank you man.

    • Hi, Marius…thank you so much for leaving a comment. I want to encourage you in your fight against the addiction. Keep your walls up and guard your gates. God will give you a way out of every temptation.

      God bless you!


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