My name is Michael Kientz, and I currently make my living working with a ministry that serves poor children throughout the world. God’s calling on my life is to work with children and to develop leaders. Sometimes He allows me to do both at the same time. Those are good days.

I’ve been teaching children and adults about God for a little over ten years, and I’ll share my favorite object lessons on this site.  Feel free to use them to share God’s Word, and please email me with some of your best ones.  I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make Truth relevant to the kids.  My email address is:


I have a wonderful wife of 23 years and counting, and we are raising three incredible kids, all three saved from death by God’s grace (our little girl twice), and I’m convinced He has a unique purpose for each of them.

We’ve moved everyone to Thailand (January 2008), where we are learning to adapt to a new culture. In the beginning, it was like living outside your comfort zone 24/7, but it’s getting easier. I travel several weeks a month to different places around Asia.

I trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior, and I depend on Him to give life to my lessons.

God bless you. Thanks for reading.


21 responses to “About

  1. good grief, man. don’t you ever stop!


    I’m the Energizer Blog Bunny! Four blogs and counting, and I feel a fifth one coming on!


  2. Deena

    Thank you for all your great ideas! There hasn’t been much on your website for awhile. Are you and your family okay?

    • Hi, Deena…..thank you for checking! Yes, we are all doing fine. Work has kept me very busy with writing projects (more geared toward adult learners than the kids), and I haven’t had time to post lately. I’ve actually just written a new series, called “The Amazing Journey.” It’s 20 sets of challenges related to the stories of Daniel and Esther, and it is loosely based on The Amazing Race series on TV. I wrote it for a camp that I’m doing in two weeks for abused and neglected children, so I’ve taken the competitive element out of the challenges. (When I first wrote it, it was for an older group and very competitive. I’ll probably end up posting both eventually, but it will take some time to polish them up.)

      I’m going to go ahead and publish the Challenge Cards from the series on the Lesson and Material Downloads page. I think most of them will be self-explanatory, but a few of them will probably need facilitator’s notes. I hope you can find some in there that will be useful to you.


  3. Agus

    Thanks a lot, Mike. It is wonderful… I learnt and was so blessed by your abundant training materials–for alaways…. 🙂 Blessings, Agus

  4. Praise the Lord! I’m so excited and thankful for some reasons. First, I accidentally found your blog through fb (about an hour ago) and enjoy reading it. Second, I feel so blessed to know you through this ministry (I am a part-time worker here). Third, I also started writing on my blog with approximately the same topic (one of the topics is about children).
    May you & your family be richly blessed!

  5. Serena

    Thank you Micheal for these wonderful lessons! I’m using them in Macau, SAR to share Jesus with the kids here!

  6. Cher

    My son Michael who teaches KIds Church found your site today while looking for ideas to help him teach the Roman Road. Thank you so much for your wonderful site and for freely sharing them so that we can relate truth to the kids we teach.(I write Little Kids Church lessons.) May you and your family be blessed in unexpected ways,

    • Thanks, Cher! I appreciate the blessing, and thank you for being involved in teaching children. You’re planting seeds that will bring a great harvest.


  7. I was looking for a way to teach the ACTS prayer to my Church Cadets boys group in a simple way that even a 6 year old could understand and came across your blog. Thank you so much!

  8. Dico

    Very nice, Mike 🙂

  9. Thank you! From a small church plant in Anderson, CA. Living Promise Church.

  10. Sneha

    Dear Michael, I am involved in helping the young adults of our church learn and grow in the Lord through various team building activities and challenges. I spend a lot of time researching on what to do week after week, now having come across your site, I could not help but wonder who would so freely share materials, ideas and activities. Thank you Michael, you truly have the mind of Christ and burden to reach out to souls, to bring them to God. May God truly bless you with wisdom, may you be able to find the time to come up with more such lessons, may God keep you and the family healthy and may He enable you to be used for His glory continuously and may He meet your needs. This is my prayer for you.
    Every blessing,

  11. Angela

    I am pleased that I stumbled onto your site this morning looking for fun and different activities! Thank you for sharing!

  12. megan goray

    I am unable to print the challenge card it keep asking me if I want to save/open but doesnot open

  13. oscar alcachupas

    thank you very much for your kindness. My first time to use one of your lesson. I love the simplicity and the creativity. May God richly bless your ministry.

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