Lesson and Material Downloads

Here are the lesson texts and some supporting materials.  If you can’t find something, drop me an email, and I’ll send it to you directly.  Blessings…Michael

4MAT Learning Styles of Biblical Characters (BIBLICAL CASE STUDY)

7 Churches of Revelation (LESSON)

7 Churches of Revelation – Chart

8 Elements of Good Training Design (BIBLICAL CASE STUDY)


Abraham’s Tests (LESSON)

Abused Children (DEVOTION)


Action Plan BINGO – Card

ACTS Prayers for Kids (Lesson Text)

ACTS Prayers for Kids (PowerPoint)

AJ – ** Kit Supply Lists for All Challenges

AJ – 12 Month’s Beauty Treatment – Challenge Card

AJ – Casting the Pur – Challenge Card

AJ – Casting the Pur – Game Sheet

AJ – Center of God’s Will – Plinko – Challenge Card

AJ – Center of God’s Will – Plinko Board Diagram

AJ – Center of God’s Will – Plinko Disk Covers

AJ – Conspiracy, The – Challenge Card

AJ – Conspiracy, The – Game Cards

AJ – Conspiracy, The – Game Sheet

AJ – Daniel’s Prayer – Challenge Card

AJ – Daniel’s Prayer – Tangram Pieces

AJ – Daniel’s Prayer – Answer Key

AJ – Daniel’s Prayer – Diagram

AJ – Defend Yourselves – Challenge Card

AJ – Defend Yourselves – Marshmallow Shooter Diagram

AJ – Dignity of Queen Vashti – Challenge Card

AJ – Dignity of Queen Vashti – CROWN-DIGNITY Cards

AJ – Dignity of Queen Vashti – Scenarios

AJ – Don’t Bow the Knee – Challenge Card

AJ – Fiery Handkerchief – Challenge Card

AJ – From Israel to Babylon – Challenge Card

AJ – King Delights to Honor, The – Challenge Card

AJ – King Delight’s to Honor – Horse’s Crest

AJ – Lyin Den – Challenge Card

AJ – Lyin Den – Quiz Sheet with Answers

AJ – Lyin Den – TRUTH-LIE Cards

AJ – Name Scramble – Challenge Card

AJ – Name Scramble – Letters

AJ – Nebby’s First Dream – Challenge Card

AJ – Nebby’s First Dream – Scriptures

AJ – Nebby’s Second Dream – Challenge Card

AJ – Nebby’s Second Dream – Scriptures

AJ – Progress Sheet

AJ – Purim Celebration – Challenge Card

AJ – Purim Celebration – Scriptures

AJ – Resolved Not to Defile – Challenge Card

AJ – Siege, The – Challenge Card

AJ – Two Banquets – Challenge Card

AJ – Writing on the Wall – Challenge Card

AJ – Writing on the Wall – Answer Key

AJ – Writing on the Wall – Puzzle Sheet

Alphabet Review (REVIEW)

Animal Sounds from Different Cultures (ENERGIZER)

Animuzzles (ICEBREAKER)

An Unfinished Work (QUICK DRAMA)

Ark, The (Lesson Text)

Asleep in the Garden (GAME)

Assessment (DEVOTION)

Balloon Burst (MEMORY)

Balls in the Air (TEAM BUILDING)

Bargaining with God (DEVOTION)

Barrenness (DEVOTION)

Be Careful What You Say (Lesson Text)

Behavioral Change – Latrine Usage (EXERCISE)

Behind Enemy Lines (QUICK DRAMA)

Bigger Than Your Box (OBJ LESSON)

Big Rocks (Lesson Text)

Bloom’s Taxonomy (DEVOTION)

Boggle Ball (REVIEW)

Boggle Ball – Game Board

Breaking Out of the Silos (EXERCISE)

Building Our Walls (CLOSER)

Building Our Walls – Brick Commitment Cards

Building Relationships (DEVOTION)

Building the Church (GAME)

Building the Church – Pattern (GAME)

Building the Church – Vision (GAME)

Burden Buckets (OBJ LESSON)

Burden Buckets – Heart Signs

Burnout (OBJ LESSON)

Capture Every Thought (Lesson Text)

Capture Every Thought – Gameboard and Pieces

Capture the Spear (GAME)

Catch (Lesson Text)

Catch – Block Pattern

Center of His Will (Lesson Text)

Change Management (DEVOTION)

Character Jenga (Lesson Text)

Choosing the Apostles (DEVOTION)

Christmas Story Bingo (GAME)

Christmas Story Bingo Cards

Clockwise-Counterclockwise (DEMO)

Comfort Zone (OBJECT LESSON)

Communication Skills (DEVOTION)

Comp-HEART-ments (PowerPoint)

Comp-HEART-ments (Lesson Text)

Conflict Among Believers (DEVOTION)

Conflict And Anger (DEVOTION)

Conflict Escalation – David (BIBLICAL CASE STUDY)

Conflict Escalation – Samson (BIBLICAL CASE STUDY)


Conflict Wheel Form (BIBLICAL CASE STUDY)

Connect Four Sin Solution (Lesson Text)

Connect the D-O-T-S (Obj Lesson)

Connecting the D-O-T-S – Pattern

Consulting (DEVOTION)

Consulting – Nathan and David (DEVOTION)

Contagious Contact (Obj Lesson)

Conversation Starters for Teenage Girls (SCENARIOS)

Conversation Starters for Teenage Girls – Cards

Cord of Three Strands (Lesson Text)

Counter-Culture (EXERCISE)

Counter-Culture – Problems and Solutions

Counter-Culture – Wide Range of Emotions

Courage of Your Convictions (EXERCISE)

Courage of Your Convictions – Worksheets

Covered vs Covered Up (Obj Lesson)

Cracked Pots (Lesson Text)

Cross-Cultural Leadership (DEVOTION)

Cultural Continuums (GAME)

Cultural Continuums – Flags

Cultural Continuums – Answers

Cultural Slamwich (GAME)

Cultural Slamwich Cards (GAME)

Decision Making (DEVOTION)

Decision-Making Styles (DEVOTION)

Delegation (DEVOTION)

Do As I Say (DEMO)

Do Clothes Really Make the Man? (OBJ LESSON)

Domain and Role Clarity (DEVOTION)

Don’t Break the Chain (Lesson Text)

Don’t Fumble Your Faith (Lesson Text)

Don’t Take Shortcuts (OBJ LESSON)

Don’t Take Shortcuts – Maze

Dot and the Line, The (Lesson Text)

Draw the Pig (ICEBREAKER)

Easter – Foreshadows of Jesus Death and Resurrection (DEVOTION)

Easter – Foreshadows of Jesus Death and Resurrection – Slide Deck

Easter Stations of the Cross (EXERCISE)

Easter Stations of the Cross – Puzzles

Easter Story Bingo (Lesson Text)

Easter Story Bingo Cards

Egg Salt and Water Trick (OBJ LESSON)

Emotional Banking (Lesson Text)

Emotional Banking Credits Currency

Enemies in the Land (DEVOTION)

Evaluation (DEVOTION)

Exceeding Abundantly (Lesson Text)

Excellent Failure, An (ANECDOTE)

Extravagant Grace (DEVOTION)

Facilitative Approach (DEVOTION)

Facing Your Giants (Quick Drama)

Fall of Faith (Lesson Text)

F-E-A-R (Obj Lesson)

F-E-A-R – Acronym Cards

Feedback (DEVOTION)

Feedback – Receiving (DEVOTION)

Feed Your Spirit (Lesson Text)

Filled With the Spirit (OBJ LESSON)

Filters and Barriers (DEMO)

Finding God’s Path (Lesson Text)

Finding God’s Path (Team Competition Version – Lesson Text)

Finding God’s Path (Game Cards and Markers)

Finding Measures (GAME)

Fish Tax (GAME)

Follow the Leader (LESSON)

Follow the Leader – Script Cards

Follow the Leader – Fishers of Men Logos

Footprints (QUICK DRAMA)

Force-Field Analysis (DEVOTION)

For God So Loved (Lesson Text)

For God So Loved (PowerPoint)

Fortunately – Unfortunately

Fruit of the Spirit Jenga (Lesson Text)

Fruit Salad (ENERGIZER)

Full Body Rock, Paper, Scissors (Icebreaker)

Garbage Collector (QUICK DRAMA)

Garbage In – Garbage Out (Lesson Text)

Gates of Jerusalem (GAME)

Gates of Jerusalem – Cards

Get Up! Get Down! (GAME)

Gift of Eternal Life (OBJ LESSON)

Gift, The – A Biblical View of Sexuality – PG

Gift, The – A Biblical View of Sexuality – FG

Giving Negative Feedback (DEVOTION)

God Cares for Me – Psalm 23 (LESSON)

God Chooses Me – David – Part 1 (LESSON)

God Chooses Me – Maps (PowerPoint)

God Chooses Me – Pictures (PowerPoint)

God Chooses Me – X-Ray Hearts (PowerPoint)

God Doesn’t Waste Anything (OBJ LESSON)

God Gives Me Courage – David – Part 2 (LESSON)

God Gives Me Courage – Maps (PowerPoint)

God Loves Variety (Lesson Text)

God’s Anointing (CLOSER)

God’s Dream (Lesson Text)

God’s Image (Quick Drama)

God’s Love (QUICK DRAMA)

God-Sized Vision (DEVOTION)

God’s Covering (OBJ LESSON)

God’s Permissive Will (OBJ LESSON)

God’s Permissive Will – Choices Cards (OBJ LESSON)

God’s Recipe (OBJ LESSON)

God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense (GAME) – Lesson Text

God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense – GAMEBOARD

Good Seed – Bad Seed (OBJ LESSON)

Guard Your Gates (Lesson Text)

Gumball Magnets (Lesson Text)

Healing the Sick (DEVOTION)

Hearing Impaired (QUICK DRAMA)

Hear No Evil (QUICK DRAMA)

Heart Garden (Obj Lesson)

Heart, Head, Hands (REVIEW)

Heaven and Hell Airplane Trick (Lesson Text)

Heavenly Bodies (Lesson Text)

High-Performing Numbers Game (GAME)

High-Performing Numbers Game – Number Cards

Holding a Grudge (OBJ LESSON)

Holding a Grudge – Diagram (OBJ LESSON)

Holding a Grudge (QUICK DRAMA)

Hot Potato Name Game (ICEBREAKER)

How David Saw God (OBJ LESSON)

How David Saw God – Button Images

How David Saw God – Instructions and Poster

How David Saw God – Quick Reference Guide

Humility (DEVOTION)

I’m Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic! (ENERGIZER)

In But Not Of (LESSON)

In But Not Of – Charts and Game Show

In But Not Of – Signs

In God’s Hands (Lesson Text)

Interdependence (DEVOTION)

Intimacy with God (DEVOTION)

Isaiah 61 Scavenger Hunt (GAME)

Isaiah 61 Scavenger Hunt – Photos

I’ve Done Something (ICEBREAKER)

I’ve Got This (DRAMA)

Jacob’s Family (LESSON)

Jacob’s Family – Pictures

Jesus Unlocked the Door (Lesson Text)

Jigsaw Body (Lesson Text)

Jigsaw Body (PowerPoint)

JJ – Bloom Where You Are Planted – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Bloom Where You Are Planted – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Center of God’s Will – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Center of God’s Will – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Do Clothes Really Make the Man (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – Fortunately-Unfortunately – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Fortunately-Unfortunately – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – God Doesn’t Waste Anything (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – God’s Permissive Will (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – God’s Permissive Will – Choices Cards (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – God’s Timing – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – God’s Timing – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Good Seed – Bad Seed (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – Holding a Grudge (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – Holding a Grudge – Diagram (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – Jesus Unlocked the Door (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – Joseph & Jesus – Challenge Card

JJ – Joseph & Jesus – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Joseph & Jesus – Puzzle (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Lemons Into Lemonade (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – Let Go, Let God, Get Free – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Let Go, Let God, Get Free – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – No More Than We Can Bear – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – No More Than We Can Bear – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Potiphar Says – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Potiphar Says – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Progress Sheet (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Rhyme Times and Memory Verses

JJ – Spotlight Effect (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – Tool, Test or Territory – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Tool, Test or Territory – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Tool, Test or Territory – Pyramid (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Tool, Test or Territory – Questions and Answers Sheet (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Trust God When Things Look Bad – Challenge Card (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Trust God When Things Look Bad – Facilitator Notes (CHALLENGE)

JJ – Unforgiveness (OBJ LESSON)

JJ – Unforgiving Servant (QUICK DRAMA)

Joseph Over Easy (Lesson Text)

Joseph Over Easy (Script Cards)

Journey with Joseph (LESSONS)

Journey with Joseph (PROPS – Pharaoh’s Dreams)

Jung’s Preference Sorter (EXERCISE)

Kingdom Tag (GAME)

Knocking Down Giants (Obj Lesson)

Knocking Down Giants – Signs

Knock, Knock! (GAME)

Knot a Problem (Lesson Text)

Knot a Problem (Chart)

Lazarus (DEVOTION)

Leading Change (DEVOTION)

Leading Through Change (DEVOTION)

Learning Links (OBJ LESSON)

Learning Transfer (EXERCISE)

Lectio Divina (DEVOTION)

Lectio Divina – Slide

Legend of the Candy Cane, The (GAME)

Legend of the Candy Cane – Cards


Lemons Into Lemonade (OBJ LESSON)

Let Go and Let God (LESSON)


Light of the World (Lesson Text)

Love and Working with the Church (DEVOTION)

Mafia Game, The (GAME)

Man and the Moon (Lesson Text)

Men of Issachar (DEVOTION)

Mentoring (DEVOTION)

Midwives and Hebrew Babies (DEVOTION)

Mind Pollution (Lesson Text)

Miraculous Catch (GAME)

More Powerful Together (Lesson Text)

Moses, Aaron and Hur vs Amalekites (GAME)

Mr. Bobby’s Sacrifice (Lesson Text)

Name Change Toss (GAME)

Name Change Toss – Name Cards

Names of God Bingo (Lesson Text)

Names of God Bingo Cards

Names of God Chart

Name That Christmas Carol (ACTIVITY)

Needs Analysis (DEVOTION)

Negotiation (DEVOTION)

Negotiation Game (GAME)

Negotiation Game – Slides

Nehemiah’s Nation – Challenge Guides

Nehemiah’s Nation – Enemy Faces

Nehemiah’s Nation – Progress Sheet

Nehemiah’s Nation – Rhyme Times and Memory Verses


No More Than We Can Bear (Lesson Text)

Not a Dream Team (LESSON)

Not a Dream Team – Apostle Faces and Signs

Not a Dream Team – Best-Worst People Signs

Not a Dream Team – Fishers of Men Logos

Not a Dream Team – Slide

Not a Dream Team – Water Walker Stickers

Not Everything That Others Do (QUICK DRAMA)

On Jesus’ Team – A Baptism Lesson (Lesson Text)

One Body – Many Parts (DEVOTION)

One Anothers of Scripture, The (INFOGRAPHIC)

One Voice (DEVOTION)

Only Jesus They Will Ever See (Lesson Text)

Only One Left (DEVOTION)

On the Bus (FEEDBACK)

Outer Zebox (ICEBREAKER)

Out of Orbit (OBJ LESSON)

Overwhelming Blessings (OBJ LESSON)

Paid for You – Sin Signs

Parking Lot (GAME)

Parking Lot – Patterns (GAME)

Partnerships (DEVOTION)

Pass It On (Lesson Text)

Penny Auction (ACTIVITY)

Pepper Chaser (Lesson Text)

Perfect Day at Work (EXERCISE)

Performance Problem Sources (DEVOTION)

Personality Types (DEVOTION)

Peter in Prison (GAME)

Peter in Prison – Roles

Peter’s Path – Challenge Guide

Peter’s Path – Progress Sheet

Peter’s Path – Rhyme Times & Memory Verses

Peter – the Rock (Lesson Text)



Planning (DEVOTION)

Plans of a Man’s Heart (DEVOTION)

Plans of Man (DEVOTION)

Point to Christ Relay (Lesson Text)

Potemkin Villages (ANECDOTE)

Potiphar Says (Lesson Text)

Power of the Peer, The (ANECDOTE)

Pride and Fear (ASSESSMENT)

Pride and Fear (DEVOTION)

Priorities – Mary vs Martha (DEVOTION)

Proactivity (GAME)

Proactivity – Game Card

Problem Solving (DEVOTION)

Project Management Series – Nehemiah (DEVOTION)

Promised Sign (DEVOTION)

Pump You Up (Lesson Text)

Race, The (Lesson Text)

Radio Waves (Lesson Text)

Radio Waves Construction (PowerPoint)

Random Responses (ICEBREAKER)

Reclaim the Promised Land (GAME)

Reclaim the Promised Land – Game Kit

Red Light – Green Light (GAME)

Reflecting God’s Glory (OBJ LESSON)

Remember the Titans – Team Version (MOVIE MENTORING)

Repentance (DEVOTION)

Rest of the Story, The (LESSON)

Rest of the Story – Love Signs

Rest of the Story – Script Cards

Restored (GAME)

Resurrection Plants (Lesson Text)

Resurrection Roll (GAME)

Resurrection Roll – Dice Cube

Review Chips (REVIEW)

Review Dice (REVIEW)

Ripples (Lesson Text)

Role Clarity (DEVOTION)

Roles of Women in the Church (DEVOTION)

Roman Road, The (LESSON)

Roman Road – Cards

Round the Mountain (GAME)

Salt and Light (QUICK DRAMA)

Salt of the Earth (Obj Lesson)

Samlo, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew! (ICEBREAKER)

Samlo, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew! – Photos

Samson, Delilah and the Lion (ICEBREAKER)

Satan’s Tactics (GAME)

Satan’s Tactics – Board Diagram

Satan’s Tactics – Tactic Cards

Scattered (Obj Lesson)

Servant Leadership (DEVOTION)

Sexual Harassment (DEVOTION)

Sexual Harassment (SCENARIOS)

Sexual Harrassment Scenario Cards

Sexual Harassment – All Definitions

Shared Resources (GAME)

Simon-Peter Says (GAME)


Sin Shop – Props

Situational Leadership Development Levels (ICEBREAKER)

Solid Foundation (OBJ LESSON)

Source of My Identity (LESSON)

Spirit Is Willing, But Body Is Weak (LESSON)

Spirit Is Willing, But Body Is Weak – Script Cards

Spirit of Service (DEVOTION)

Spiritual Cadence (Lesson Text)

Spiritual Frisbee Golf (GAME)

Spiritual Practice Cards (JOB AID)

Spotlight Effect (Lesson Text)

Staff Care (DEVOTION)

Stages of Teambuilding (DEVOTION)

Stay Connected (QUICK DRAMA)

Strategic Planning and Nehemiah (BIBLICAL CASE STUDY)

Strategic Planning and Nehemiah – Slides

Straw-tato (Lesson Text)

Strengths Finder Theme Sorting (GAME)

Strengths Finder Theme Sorting – Answer Key

Strengths Finder Theme Sorting – Cards

Stress Management and Teams (DEVOTION)

Stress Management and Teams 2 (DEVOTION)

Stronger Together (LESSON)

Strongholds (Obj Lesson)

Strongholds – Bricks

Strongholds – Fruit of the Spirit Bricks

SWOT Analysis of the 7 Churches of Revelation (BIBLICAL CS)

SWOT Analysis of the 7 Churches of Revelation – Answers

SWOT Analysis of the 7 Churches of Revelation (GAME)

SWOT Analysis of the 7 Churches of Revelation – Answer Key (GAME)

SWOT Analysis of the 7 Churches of Revelation – Worksheet (GAME)

Symptoms-Sources-Solutions (DEVOTION)

Symptoms – Sources – Solutions (GAME)

Symptoms-Sources-Solutions Cards

Taco Sauce Pickup Lines (ICEBREAKER)

Taco Sauce Pickup Lines – Packet Photos (ICEBREAKER)

Take Your Cross (DEVOTION)


Tapped In (Obj Lesson)

Taste Test (DEMO)

Teaching Others (DEVOTION)

Team Health Tool (DIAGNOSTIC)

Team Member Highs and Lows (ACTIVITY)

Tell Two Friends (Lesson Text)

That’s Bad (QUICK DRAMA)

That’s Not Fair! (Lesson Text)

Those Who Listen and Obey (QUICK DRAMA)

Three’s Company (ICEBREAKER)

Tool, Test or Territory (Lesson Text)

Touch of the Master’s Hand (Lesson Text)


Trust God When Things Look Bad (Lesson Text)

Unforgiveness (OBJ LESSON)

Unforgiveness (QUICK DRAMA)

Unforgiving Servant (SKIT)

Ugly Fruit (Lesson Text)

Ugly Fruit (PowerPoint)

Under the Radar (GAME)

Unity in the Body of Christ (DEVOTION)

Ups and Downs of Teambuilding (GAME) (Lesson Text)

Ups and Downs of Team Buidling – Game Cards

Ups and Downs of Team Buidling – Game Spaces

Ups and Downs of Team Building – Gameboard

Walk On Water – WOW (LESSON)

Walk On Water – WOW – Script Cards

Walk On Water – WOW Water Walker Stickers

Walking on Water (Lesson Text)

Walks of Life (ICEBREAKER)

Warriors – Wallbuilders (DEVOTION)

Weakness (DEVOTION)

When Technology Changes (ANECDOTE)

Where Your Focus (Lesson Text)

Where You Focus (PowerPoint)

WHO and the DO, The (LESSON)

Who and the Do, The – Signs

Who is the Greatest (DEVOTION)

Why Jesus Came to Earth (BIBLE LESSON)

Win-Lose (Lesson Text)

Woman at the Well. The (LESSON)

Woman at the Well – Spiritual and Physical Thirst Signs

Work Relationships (DEVOTION)

Works Test (GAME)

Works Test – Cards

Would You Die for a Lie? (LESSON)

Would You Die for a Lie? – Apostle Faces

Would You Die For a Lie? – Where the Apostles Preached


Yes, No, Wait (GAME)

Yes, No, Wait – Dice Pattern

Yes, No, Wait – Gameboard

Your Life’s in Jeopardy – Answer Key

Your Life’s In Jeopardy – Game Show Slides

Zing, Zang, Zowie! (ICEBREAKER)

59 responses to “Lesson and Material Downloads

  1. Thanks for sharing these great materials and ideas. I am headed to Haiti in February to teach in a youth retreat. Looking for good ideas wherever I can find them!


  2. I will be speaking at a youth event in late January. I would like to use some of your lesson ideas but I felt like I needed to make sure it is okay. Thank you for the great work you are doing!

  3. Miriam

    This is the best so far! I teach Sunday school in our church in Mukono, Uganda. The kids are going to ove these great ideas and they will learn even better. They will also be able to remember lessons taught. Praise God for this creativity.

  4. Hi there could I quote some of the material here in this post if I provide a link back to your site?

  5. Julia

    Thank you so much for this awesome site! I waited till the last minute (again) to get a lesson ready and I found this. God truly used you, I found exactly what I was looking for, a good lesson on spiritual warfare. You will be saving me many more times in the future I have a feeling!! Thank you again!

  6. Anastasia

    Thank you, so much for this wonderfull ideas, it help me at Sunday school with kidz, in Moldova. God bless you!!!

    • Hi, Anastasia! Glad these are helpful to you. I have some friends that live near me here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, that were in Moldova for two years through the Peace Corp. They share with us many stories about their time there.

      Blessings to you…..Michael

  7. Heidi Robertus

    This is the perfect game for my sunday school lesson. But am having trouble printing it. Need to improve my computer skills.

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  9. Sherrie Opie

    Michael, I was searching for some info on teaching Jonah, but can’t find a search button. I was sure I have seen one on here before!


    • hi, Sherrie…thanks for pointing that out. I recently had to switch layouts, and I neglected to add the search feature. I’ve put it back on the screen now.


  10. Mae

    I will be teaching an evangelism class in May and “happened” to find your Roman Road lesson material. It is excellent and I hope you don’t mind if I use it for the class.

  11. Linda

    I needed to find some activities to help teach Love one Another and found a great ice breaker. Thanks

  12. Nay

    The ACTS Prayer for Kids is wonderful! I wanted to teach the kids about prayer but needed something on their level. This is excellent and I’ve found so many more topics I can use. Thank you for your ministry helping us to minister to others!

  13. Megan Steeves

    My husband and I are teaching a Sunday school for the first time next week to 9-12yr. olds. Our text is Hebrews 12:1-2. Do you have any lesson plans that incorporate that verse? I’ve browsed through some or your plans but couldn’t find anything for that verse…or that could be adapted.
    Great website and resources! Thank you for making them available.

  14. Jalynn Vaught

    Had printed off the Life in 3D lesson but can’t find the power-point that went with it, could you email that to me. Please. It was dated Oct-30,31 2010 That month and year is missing right now??

  15. Marc Cline

    Thanks for all the great object lessons. I’ve used quite a few of these in my SS class as well as taken a few Thailand. This has become my favorite go- to site for the extra ideas. Thanks so much!
    Rock On!

  16. Tony

    I’m not sure I’ve seen work this thorough. Yet, available free. Your sleepless nights will not go unrewarded.

  17. God Bless you for sharing these resources. You are saving a very busy (aren’t we all?) part time Youth Leader a lot of time!

  18. sande

    This is so nice of you, thank you for the help with my kids in Kids Church.

  19. josphine

    I needed to find some activities to help teach Love one Another and found .Thanks.

  20. AnnMarie Anderson

    Your ministry is truly a blessing. I just found this site and I really want you to know that your will not be in vain.

  21. Andrea

    Found an excellent way to teach the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for all your hard work. My Sunday School teens will enjoy it. Blessings from Costa Rica…

  22. Naomi Sims

    This is a very good site with very useful ideas! Naomi

  23. Tina

    Great site. However, I can not find the Romans Road cards. Can you forward to my email address.

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  25. Laura

    Could you send me the Roman road -Card.ppt? Just found thus site and has great ideas. Thank you so much!

  26. Hailey

    I absolutely love your lessons they are all a huge blessing to me, I can’t seem to find your challenge cards for the lesson No more than you can bear.
    can you please send them to me?

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  28. Pingback: Spiritual Practice Cards (JOB AID) | Teach Them

  29. This is the best website rich with useful content that I have ever found. thank you for the great work. however I would like to help me with the list of teaching objectives for the different age groups in a Sunday school class.
    I would prefer to receive the answer in my email if not you can provide a link if that article is already in the archives here.

  30. Karynne

    What do I do if the card doesn’t download? Help please

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  32. Pingback: Easter – Foreshadows of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection (DEVOTION) | Teach Them

  33. Alita Sullivan

    Hi Michael,
    I love your skit for Lou’s Sin Shop. I actually used it for the memory verse, Romans 6:23. It went very well with the children. They enjoyed it!
    Thanks you for a creative way to teach a memory verse for children. I would like to use more of your ideas for the children at my church in the near future?


    • Thanks for the feedback, Alita! You are welcome to use anything you find on the site, and if you have trouble finding a lesson on a particular topic, let me know.

      Blessings to your ministry!


  34. Vince

    Hi Michael, would like to ask help regarding Copies of the worksheet, “Proactivity – Game Card” Hope you can help me. Thanks

  35. RE: Your One Anothers of Scripture, The (INFOGRAPHIC). May I use that slide as a Theme Graphic for the upcoming Alabama Baptist Pastor’s Conference to be held in November 2020? I have already “swiped it” and modified it slightly (See our website: http://www.ALBaptistPC.com), but wanted to make sure it is OK. If not, I will be glad to remove it. Thanks.

  36. Barbara Budd.

    Excellent materials for teaching children and adults although intended for young people, adults as well would benefit from the facts as presented.

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