These devotions are for teens and adults and are intended to be used with small groups. They are also a good resource if you are looking for Scriptures on a particular topic.  Some may require some background explanation.  If so, please send me a message, and I’ll send you more information.

DEV – Abused Children

DEV – Assessement

DEV – Barrenness

DEV – Bloom’s Taxonomy

DEV – Building Relationships

DEV – Change Management

DEV – Communication Skills

DEV – Conflict Among Believers

DEV – Conflict And Anger

DEV – Conflict Escalation – David

DEV – Conflict Escalation – Samson

DEV – Consulting

DEV – Decision Making

DEV – Decision-Making Styles

DEV – Delegation

DEV – Domain and Role Clarity

DEV – Evaluation

DEV – Extravagant Grace

DEV – Facilitative Approach

DEV – Feedback

DEV – Force-Field Analysis

DEV – Giving Negative Feedback

DEV – Humility

DEV – Interdependence

DEV – Intimacy with God

DEV – Mentoring

DEV – Midwives and Hebrew Babies

DEV – One Voice

DEV – Partnerships

DEV – Performance Problem Sources

DEV – Personality Types

DEV – Planning

DEV – Role Clarity

DEV – Servant Leadership

DEV – Stages of Teambuilding

DEV – Symptoms-Sources-Solutions

DEV – Teaching Others

DEV – Trust

DEV – Unity in the Body of Christ

DEV – Who is the Greatest

DEV – Work Relationships

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