The Amazing Journey (GAME SERIES)

I’ve published a new series on the Lesson and Material Downloads page.  It’s called, “The Amazing Journey” (or AJ for short), and there are 20 object lessons.  Ten of the lessons focus on the story of Daniel and ten focus on the story of Esther.  They are non-competitive, but you can make them competitive if you like.

I’m writing them for a summer camp that I have in a few days.  Some of them need facilitator notes to help you set them up, but you should be able to figure most of them out.  I won’t have time to do the facilitator notes until after camp, but if you need them for a lesson, drop me a comment, and I’ll write them up for you for any of the lessons.



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2 responses to “The Amazing Journey (GAME SERIES)

  1. Rhonda

    I love the “Amazing Journey” lessons. They are amazing. Praise God for your creativity. I’m going to use them for my summer camp and my youth meeting.

    • Thanks, Rhonda! Oh, I forgot to post the progress sheet. You might want it for the summer camp. I’m posting it today under “AJ – Progress Sheet” on the Lesson and Material Downloads page. I’ll be adding files that tell what is included in each challenge kit within the next few days, but feel free to email me if you need that info sooner.


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