Peter in Prison (GAME)


10-15 minutes

King Herod arrested Peter and put him in prison, but an angel freed him in a miraculous way.  Children will play a game of tag that simulates the miracle.



  • Acts 12:1-11



  • Hula hoops (2 or more, depending on the size of the group)
    • Slips of paper in a cup with the different roles printed on them (You can download the role slips on the Lesson and Material Downloads page at  The name of the file is “Peter in Prison – Roles,” and it contains 4 Peters, 2 Angels and 6 Guards.)
    • Bible



  • Select a space to play the game.
  • Lay out your hula hoops some distance away from each other.
  • Cut out or make your role slips.  Fold them and put them in a cup so that the children can draw them out without knowing which role they are choosing.
  • Practice the script.



Use the following script (or modify to suit your needs):

  • “We’re going to play a game called, ‘Peter in Prison!’”
  • “It’s like a game of tag, and it’s based on a miracle that happened to Peter one time after he had been arrested by King Herod.” (Have volunteer read Acts 12:1-11.)
  • “Incredible story, huh?”
  • “So, let me tell you how our game of tag will work.”
  • “Everyone will draw a slip of paper from this cup, read it and keep it a secret.”
  • “It will tell you what role you will play in the game.”
  • “Some slips say ‘Peter.’ Some say ‘Angel’ and some say ‘Guard.’
  • “If you draw ‘Guard,’ you will try to tag all the ‘Peters’ and take them to a jail cell (point out the hula hoops).”
  • “If you draw ‘Peter,’ you will try to stay away from the ‘Guards’ without letting them figure out that you are a ‘Peter.’”
  • “If you draw ‘Angel,’ you will act normally so that the ‘Guards’ can’t tell that you aren’t ‘Peters.’ You are trying to fool the ‘Guards’ into trying to tag you so that the ‘Peters’ can stay out of jail.”
  • “If a ‘Guard’ tags an ‘Angel,’ the ‘Angel’ has to say, ‘Angel’ and count to 30 before moving again.”
  • “If a ‘Guard’ tags another ‘Guard,’ the ‘Guard’ has to say, ‘Guard,’ and then both are free to keep looking for ‘Peters.’”
  • “If a ‘Guard’ tags a ‘Peter,’ the ‘Peter’ must step into the hula hoop.  He is in prison.”
  • “An ‘Angel’ can free a ‘Peter’ by standing in the jail with him and saying, ‘Peter, Peter! You should know! God sent me to let you go!’  Then, ‘Peter’ is free until tagged again.”
  • “No one can be tagged while in a jail cell.”
  • “If the ‘Guards’ tag all the ‘Peters’ (there are up to four ‘Peters’ depending on the size of your group), the ‘Guards’ win.”
    • “Play lasts for three (3) minutes.  If even one ‘Peter’ is out of prison, then the ‘Peters’ and ‘Angels’ win.”
    • “Does anyone have any questions?”  (Answer any questions.)
    • “Okay, let’s play!” (Play several rounds if you like. Then ask the Debrief Questions below.)


Debrief Questions

  1. Why do you think King Herod put Peter in prison?
  2. Why did God send an angel to free Peter?
  3. Do you think God still does things like this? Why or why not?


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  1. Thanks for sharing mike, will use it on Sunday school 😉

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