Action Plan BINGO CardTime

Varies – to be used throughout a workshop or other learning event and then debriefed at the end.  The debrief should last approximately 30 minutes.



This activity helps participants to create an action plan of things they want to do as a result of their learning.  It does it in a fun way by making it into a BINGO game and gets peer feedback on how realistic and actionable the plans are.



  • Copies of the file, “Action Plan BINGO – Cards.” (You can find this file on the Lesson and Material Downloads page at  You will need one copy per participant.)
  • Small prizes for BINGOs.  It is possible and even desirable for participants to get more than one BINGO, so you should probably have an average of three prizes per participant just in case.  Candies or other small items work well for this.



  • Print copies of the file “Action Plan BINGO – Cards” for each participant.



(follow this script, or modify to suit your needs)

  • (At the beginning of the learning event or workshop) “We’re going to play a game during this workshop that will help you to develop a strong plan for using what you learn after you leave.)
  • “It’s called, ‘Action Plan BINGO.”  (Hand out BINGO cards to each participant.)
  • “There are 25 spaces on this BINGO card.”
  • “The goal of this game is to write one action in each box.”
  • “These are actions you plan to take when you return to work.”
  • “The one in the middle is a ‘Grace Space,’ which means that you get it for free and don’t have to put any action items in it for it to count.”
  • “Anytime you think of an action you want to take as a result of what you are learning, write it in one of the boxes.”
  • “Make sure it is clear, realistic and some that will help you be more effective.” (You may want to have them write in SMART goals in each box.  These would be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.)
  • “At the end of the workshop, I will give your table group an opportunity to share their actions with each other.“
  • “When you share, your tablemates will give you an up or down vote (i.e., thumbs up or thumbs down) on each action as feedback on how realistic and actionable it is.”
  • “If you get a majority of ‘up-votes’ from your peers, the action item is approved, and you can count it.”
  • “If you get a majority of ‘down-votes,’ you can still do it, but it won’t count toward a BINGO.  You should put an ‘X’ in the corner of the box.”
  • “If you get five ideas approved in any row, column or diagonal, you will win a PRIZE!”
  • “Rows, columns or diagonals with the Grace Space in them still count.” (Answer any questions about the game.  Remind them to add action items periodically throughout the learning event.  At the end of the event, reserve 30 minutes for them to follow the up-down voting process that you described.  Award prizes for every BINGO that they make.  I recommend saving prize-giving until after the complete review has been done, but you might encourage them to shout “BINGO!!!” whenever they get five in a row.  NOTE: sometimes the same action item can count for multiple BINGOs.  It might count horizontally, vertically and diagonally.)

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