8 Elements of Good Training Design (BIBLICAL CASE STUDY)

4MAT  Wheel 2Time

20 minutes

This Biblical case study uses Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT model to explore the teaching styles of Jesus.  Use it after you have taught about 4MAT’s eight wedges.



  • See the chart below.



  • Chart on the following page (1 copy per person or group)



  • Print out copies of the chart and distribute them to all the participants.



Use the following script (or modify to suit your needs):

  • “In your groups, discuss each of the following situations, and decide which of the eight elements it corresponds to.”
  • “It’s possible that there will be more than one answer.” (Have groups work together to select the elements.  Allow 20 minutes for group work.  Then share the recommended answers below.  These answers are not definitive.  If there is disagreement, discuss it as a group and come to agreement based on the best evidence.)


Recommended Answers

  1. Extend, Improve
  2. Connect
  3. Preview, Inform
  4. Preview, Inform
  5. Practice, Extend
  6. Connect
  7. Practice, Extend
  8. Preview, Inform
  9. Preview, Inform
  10. Practice
  11. Practice
  12. Practice
  13. Practice
  14. Preview
  15. Practice
  16. Connect
  17. Discuss, Inform
  18. Inform
  19. Practice
  20. Practice
  21. Extend
  22. Inform
  23. Connect, Discuss, Preview, Inform
  24. Perform
  25. Discuss, Preview, Inform
  26. Inform, Extend
  27. Extend, Improve
  28. Perform
  29. Improve, Perform


8 Elements of Good Training Design


As a group, think about the following things that Jesus did as He prepared His disciples to lead the Church.  Consider His time on earth to be like a very long workshop.  How do each of His actions match up to the eight elements of good training design. (Some actions have more than one answer.)


What Jesus Did


Connect Discuss Preview Inform Practice Extend Improve Perform
1. Listened to teachers in Temple and asked them questions Luke 2:41-50

2. Turned water into wine John 2:1-11

3. Talked with Nicodemus John 3-1-21

4. Talked with the woman at the well John 4:5-26

5. Invited Peter, Andrew, James & John to follow Him Mark 1:16-20

6. Performed healings and other miracles Various

7. Appointed some disciples as Apostles Mark 3:13-19

8. Gave the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5-7

9. Taught in parables Various

10. Slept in the boat during the storm Mark 4:35-41

11. Sent out the 12 Luke 9:1-6

12. Asked the disciples to feed the 5,000 John 6:4-13

13. Allowed Peter to walk on water Matthew 14:24-33

14. Said, “I am the Bread of Life.” John 6:35

15. Asked the disciples who people said He was Matthew 16:13-20

16. Let Peter, James and John witness the Transfiguration Mark 9:2-8

17. Debriefed the Transfiguration as they came down the mountain Matthew 17:9-13

18. Talked with Peter about paying the Temple tax Matthew 17:24-27

19. Allowed the disciples to argue about who was the greatest Mark 9:33-35

20. Sent the 70 out in pairs to visit towns Luke 10:1-16

21. Debriefed the 70 when they returned Luke 10:17-24

22. Discussed how to inherit eternal life with the expert in the law Luke 10:25-37

23. Spent time with Mary and Martha Luke 10:38-42

24. Allows Mary to anoint him for burial Mark 14:3

25. Debriefs the anointing Mark 14:4-9

26. Met with men on the road to Emmaus Luke 24:13-32

27. Asked Peter to feed His sheep John 21:1-25

28. Gave the “Great Commission” Matthew 28:16-20

29. Sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost Acts 2:1-13


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  1. Ramesh

    This is great Mike.. Thanks for posting this study here. I went over it and it is awesome… God bless

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