Only Jesus They Will Ever See

10 minutes

This object lesson teaches how we reflect Jesus to those around us.

• Software that distorts photos with special effects (similar to the effects you see when you look into the warped mirrors at the circus – Mac computers typically have a software entitled “Photo Booth” that will do this.)
• Optionally – software that morphs one photo to another
• Distorted pictures of kids in your class
• Normal pictures of the kids in your class
• Optionally – a picture of Jesus
• Computer, LCD projector and screen

Take pictures of the kids using the distorting software.
Take normal pictures of the same kids.
Practice the script.

Use the following script and instructions (or modify to suit your needs):
• (Show a normal picture of one of the kids.)
• “Do you see Jesus in that face? I do! In fact, I see the image of God in every one of your faces!”
• “When Jesus left earth to go back to heaven, He asked us to be His reflection in the world (look up scripture for this).”
• “You see, no one can see Jesus in person until He comes back.”
• “Until then, you may be the only Jesus some of your friends ever see.”
• “You may be the only Jesus your teachers ever see, or your parents, or your foster parents, or the school bully, or the cashier at the store or the person who delivers your mail…”
• “So, if you’re the only Jesus those people will ever see, you should be the best reflection of Him that you can be, right?”
• “But sometimes, we aren’t very good reflections of Jesus.”
• “We’re more like those mirrors at the amusement park. You know, the ones that show you to be taller or shorter, fatter or skinnier than you really are. (I haven’t found the one that makes me skinnier yet.)”
• “So, when people look at us, they don’t always see Jesus. They see something more like this…” (Show several distorted pictures with kids’ faces from the group.)
• “Now, I can still see Jesus in that face, but I have to look a lot harder.”
• “We don’t want people to have to look hard to find Jesus in us. They should be able to see Him right away.” (Show normal pictures of kids.)
• “The best way for you to reflect Jesus is for you to love Him and love other people and always do what you know is right.”
• (Optionally – Show kids’ pictures morphing into a picture of Jesus’ face.)

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