Do As I Say (DEMO)

Do As I SayTime

5 minutes

This demonstration helps participants understand that what they do as leaders often communicates much more than what they say.



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Use the following script (or modify to suit your needs):

  • “Everyone stand up.”
  • “Take your right hand, and hold it up like this.”  (Hold up your right hand about the level of your ear so that everyone can see it.)
  • “Now, touch your index finger to your thumb like this.”  (Demonstrate what you’ve asked them to do.  Your right index finger and thumb should be in a pinching gesture.)
  • “Good, hold your fingers like that, and touch your chin.” (Demonstrate the action, but this time, don’t touch your chin with your fingers.  Instead, touch your right cheek as you tell them to touch their chins.  Most of the participants will model what they see you doing even though you’ve told them to do something different.)
  • “Okay, let’s do it again.  Take your right hand, pinch your fingers and touch your chin.”  (Again, touch your cheek as you do this.)
  • “Everyone stop and hold your hand right there.”
  • “What are you touching?”
  • “Are you touching your chin like I asked you to do, or are you touching your cheek like you saw me do?”  (Participants will usually laugh at themselves for making the mistake.)
  • “So what can we learn from this activity?”  (Responses should include that what people see us doing is a more powerful influencer than what they hear us say.  If our actions don’t match our words, they will be more likely to follow our actions.)

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