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Review Dice (REVIEW)


10-15 minutes


Children, youth, adults


This review activity uses dice to debrief just about any learning exercise.  Each die has six questions on it (e.g., “What did you learn?” or “What questions do you still have?”)  Use the dice as a fun way to have participants think about what they learned from different perspectives.  They can be used over and over, and participants will still have a unique experience as they roll different questions in different situations.


  • Blank foam dice that you can write on with a marker (one per group)  You can usually find this type of supply at a teachers’ supply store or craft store.
  • (Alternative) Print out of the die pattern at the end of this lesson.  If you use this approach, you will need a cutting tool and some glue (or clear, plastic tape) to assemble your dice.



  • Prepare your dice. (You do this by writing questions on the foam dice or by printing out the die pattern and assembling the dice provided at the end of this lesson.  Feel free to change the questions.)
  • Practice the script.


Use the following script and instructions (or modify to suit your needs):

  • “To review what we’ve talked about today, we are going to use these Review Dice.” (Show one of the die.)
  • “Each table has a one.”
  • “Each person in your group will roll the die and take a turn answering the question that it lands on.”
  • “Go around the group and have each person roll the die and answer a question.”
  • (Allow them to begin.  After everyone has answered their question, you might want to ask a few participants to share insights with you from the activity.)


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Random Responses (ICEBREAKER)


10-15 minutes

This icebreaker uses a single die as a randomizer to get people talking about different topics.  If they role a one, they respond to one question.  If they roll a two, they respond to another one, and so on for each number on the die.  You can use it for a variety of topics.  It’s fun, and it gets people talking.



o  Dice (one per group of people)

o  Flipchart and marker (one each)



o  Pick a topic that you would like the participants to talk about.

o  Create a flipchart that lists a different aspect of that topic for each number on the die.

o  Here are some examples:


For “Culture”

“Describe the following about another culture:

1.     Something you like

2.     Something you don’t understand

3.     A funny thing that they do

4.     Something their culture taught you

5.     A mistake you made related to their culture

6.     Your choice”


For “Confession”

“Describe the following about yourself:

1.     A time you broke the law

2.     A personally embarrassing moment

3.     A bad decision you made

4.     A cultural mistake you made

5.     A story your family members still tell about you

6.     Your choice”


For “Introductions”

“Describe the following about yourself:

1.     Something you are known for

2.     What you enjoy doing most

3.     Where you go to relax

4.     Who you admire most

5.     Different jobs you have had

6.     Your choice”


Use the following script (or modify to suit your needs):

  • “Let’s do an icebreaker to get to know each other better.”
  • “It’s called ‘Random Responses,’ and it gets you to share about yourself by having you tell about a particular topic.”
  • “To determine which topic you will talk about, you will take turns rolling a die at your table.”  (Show the flipchart you prepared.)
  • “If you roll a one, you should talk about the topic listed next to the one on this chart.”
  • “If you roll a two, you should talk about the topic listed next to the two.”  (Continue sharing each topic to make sure they understand the process.)
  • “If you roll a six, you get to choose which of the other five topics you will talk about.”
  • “What questions do you have about how this will work?”  (Answer any questions.  Then, let them begin.  Anyone at the table can start, and they can go in any order as long as everyone has a chance to share. Debrief by asking a few volunteers to share anything interesting that they heard or learned.)

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