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Alphabet Review (REVIEW)

20 minutes


Children, youth, adults


This review activity tests the participants’ creativity while helping them remember 26 things about the learning.


  • Sheets of paper (one per participant or team)
  • Pens (one per participant or team)
  • Prize(s) for the “winner(s)” (optional)


  • Practice the script.


Use the following script and instructions (or modify to suit your needs):

  • “To review what we’ve talked about today, I would like for everyone to pull out a blank sheet of paper.”  (Or you could hand out the paper and pens.  You can also group participants into teams of 2-4 for this activity.  In that case, each team will need to select a scribe, who will keep track of the A-Z list.)
  • “In the left margin of your paper, write the letters of the alphabet going straight down the page.”  (It’s okay for them to make a second column of letters if they don’t have enough room.)
  • “I’m going to give you ten minutes to come up a list of things we’ve talked about.”
  • “The trick is, you have to find things that start with each letter of the alphabet.”
  • “For example, for ‘A,’ you might write down ‘Asking Jesus into your heart.’”  (Or make up your own example from the content of your lesson/training.)
  • “You might have to be very creative to find learnings that will fit with ‘Q,’ ‘X,’ and ‘Z,’ but I have confidence in you that you will come up with something.”
  • “Does anyone have any questions?”  (Answer questions; then tell them to start.  Allow 10 minutes for completion.  At the end of 10 minutes, have them trade their paper with another participant/team.  That person/team should review the list and circle any that are questionable.  The facilitator will be the final judge as to whether or not these are admissible.  After disputes have been settled, the person/team gets one point for every letter with an admissible example.  The person/team with the most points wins.  Award a prize if you like.)

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